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Harmonia 2.0 Support Is Ending

Harmonia 3.1.0 (Fall 2020)

Want to use Harmonia in your aural skills classroom? Follow this guide

Frequently Asked Questions - Teacher Edition

Frequently Asked Questions - Student Edition

What Is Harmonia

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How To Migrate Courses from Harmonia 2 to Harmonia 3

Launching an Audio-Streaming Interface to Support Ear-Training Applications

A Redesigned Interface for Harmonia 3

Introduction to the migration process from Harmonia 2 to Harmonia 3

Introducing Harmonia 3

How to Build Effective Harmonia Assignments For Your Students, Part 1

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A Story Behind Harmonia

Spotlight: Harmonia's Discussion & Comment System

The UIUC Theory Prep Course

Harmonia and Music Notation Editing

How did the Harmonia music theory app start?

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