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Harmonia 3.1.0 (Fall 2020)

By Rick Taube - June 13, 2020

On July 1st Harmonia version 3.1.0 for Fall semester will be available as a free download from the Mac, iPad, Windows and Android app stores rather than our website. This change allows:

  • Faster downloading and installation.
  • Automatic installation of new versions.
  • Insures that our app meets the host's reliability, security, and permissions standards.
  • Enables in-app purchasing as another way for students to join your course. Note that in-app purchasing entails a surcharge determined by the app stores; to avoid extra cost students can continue to enroll in courses using their dashboard on our website.

Important reminder: We are retiring the Harmonia 2 app at the end of this year. On Jan 1 2021 the app will no longer be available for downloading and our Harmonia2 course server will be permanently shut down.

New Features in Harmonia 3.1.0

  • Harmonia now runs on Mac, iPad, Windows and Android and is available as a free download from all the app stores.
  • Added Next Page and Previous Page commands to the View menu. Keyboard shortcuts are Command-] and Command-[.
  • The confusing labels "cV64" and "CV64" for cadential six-four chords have been replaced by "cad64". The labels "I64" and "i64" are still available.
  • Documents are now centered within the window when the window size is larger than the document size.
  • Improved controls layout in the multiple choice editor and teachers can now see how many answers have been assigned as correct.
  • Harmonia now supports more than one color scheme; schemes can be selected in the Preferences panel.
  • Convert to Assessment dialog now appears on the Assessments panel in the Music Editor, equivalent to Harmonia2.
  • Page Layout editor now supports setting the document margin width and height and the padding width and height between pages.
  • Harmonia apps can be placed in "lab mode" by performing the following steps:
    1. Start the application and select the About Harmonia... page.
    2. With the About Harmonia... page open, type lab on your keyboard to change Harmonia into a lab-aware app. Information in the About window will change to reflect the new status of the app.
    3. If Harmonia is currently in "lab mode", type lab again to toggle Harmonia back to "individual mode".

Bug Fixes in Harmonia 3.1.0

  • Copy/paste now works on all document objects (scores, text boxes, multiple choices questions, etc.)
  • Double-click to select word now works in text boxes.
  • Cutting/pasting of document objects within and between documents now works.
  • Delete key now performs a backspace if nothing is selected.
  • Fixed numerous crashing bugs when importing MusicXml files that contain xml errors or unsupported features.
  • Fixed layout bug involving scores that are repositioned across multiple pages.
  • Menu commands that switch the control panels now ensure the panel is open so user can see it.
  • Students can now re-open and export a graded file if uploading has failed (previously, their only chance to export the file was before the app was closed).
  • TAs can no longer save files.
  • The current working directory is now saved in the preference file.
  • Fixed notes and rests on second system auto-dragging to highest line/space possible.
  • Fixed bug in roman composition grading that ignored the key in a modulating exercise.
  • Fixed rare issue with single-submission assignments being "stuck" in a state where they can't be uploaded.
  • Fixed Upload... command so that students can retry sending any graded documents that didn't upload.