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Introduction to the migration process from Harmonia 2 to Harmonia 3

By Ming-ching Chiu - April 04, 2019

The new Harmonia 3 app with a completely redesigned user interface focuses on optimizing user experience and performance. Harmonia 3 allows students to access their homework more easily, and teachers have the ability to maintain collections of media files and embed them into Harmonia documents whenever and wherever they want. As an added benefit, Harmonia 3 will be tablet-ready, meaning students can do homework on their iPads or Android tablets.

This short blog post briefly outlines the migration process from Harmonia 2 (H2) to Harmonia 3 (H3).

The most important thing to know is that H3 can open H2 files and will convert them to H3 format automatically when they are opened. The reverse is not true: Harmonia 2 cannot open Harmonia 3 files. For this reason -- until summer of 2020 -- teachers can opt to keep an existing Harmonia course in H2 or move it to H3.  If the course remains in H2 then students need to use the H2 app to access their course. Similarly, If the course moves to H3 then students will use the H3 app.

When a teacher creates a new course they will choose which version of Harmonia they want to run the new course in. Given that choice, all the assignment documents in the course will be of the same version (either H2 or H3 files).  The Harmonia website will prevent teachers from uploading files that are not the correct version.  Note that our free content library will have H3 files ready to be added to H3 courses.

When cloning (duplicating) an existing course, teachers can opt to keep the course content in H2 format or they can migrate their materials to H3. The migration process will be described in more detail in an upcoming blog.  Once the course has been migrated the Harmonia 2 app will not be able to access a H3 course, and the new Harmonia 3 app cannot access H2 courses either. Downgrading a H3 course to H2 is not supported.

The only “incompatible” change between H2 and H3 documents is the fact that Harmonia 3 no longer supports embedding media in files.  This change greatly improves cloud transmission rates and keeps file sizes small. In Harmonia 3, all instructional media is streamed to the app in real time, audio from our website or video from Vimeo/YouTube.  In a Harmonia 3 course, teachers can create and organize their own audio media collections on our website for free. Once media is uploaded to our server Harmonia3 gives teachers access to their audio links directly inside the app when they create new documents.


From the pictures below, you can see how the same assignment is presented in H2 and H3.

Harmonia 2 file


Harmonia 3 file


Before the official release of Harmonia 3 this summer, we will publish detailed step-by-step instructions for migrating your courses from Harmonia 2 to Harmonia 3. And as always, any member of our team is available to answer any questions you may have during the migration process. Stay tuned!