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Fall '21 release of Harmonia 2.3.11 now on web stores

By David Psenicka and Rick Taube - September 09, 2021

We are delighted to announce that the fall release of Harmonia is now available on all the popular web stores. Most stores will automatically update your Harmonia app to run the latest version. You can check to see if you have the fall release by (re)starting Harmonia and looking at the About Harmonia... page. It should display a release number of 3.2.11 or higher. If you plan to offer species counterpoint assessments to your students this semester please remind them to use this latest version or higher.

Here are the most important new features, improvements, and bug fixes in release 2.3.11:

Species counterpoint analysis, assessments, generators, and grading

Harmonia now performs free-style analysis of first- and second-species counterpoint scores. Teachers can edit Harmonia’s analysis settings on a per-score basis to customize how the analysis engine reacts to their specific scores. Species counterpoint scores can be imported into Harmonia from MusicXml, or generated using our new species counterpoint generators. Once on a page, a species score can be easily converted to one of two types of assessments: composition (student completes a counterpoint to the given species) and composition with analysis (student completes the counterpoint and then provides a vertical interval analysis of their composition in the theory line). Please see our four recent blog posts for documentation on how to create and customize counterpoint assessments.

Advanced SATB score generators

We have added 60+ new generators for populating documents with scores that are suitable for AP and first year college music theory courses. The new generators are evenly split between diatonic/chromatic and major/minor variants. Each progression is composed of seven chords and include tonic expansions, predominant chords (some with chordal sevenths), and dominant seventh chords. Each chromatic progression additionally includes an applied (secondary) dominant seventh chord. For more information see this blog post.

New web app version of Harmonia runs on all browsers

Harmonia runs on Mac, iPad, Windows, Android, Chromebooks, Linux and now also as a web app in all the standard browsers: Chrome, Netscape, Edge, Safari, and Opera. You can download the web app directly from our company download page and be sure to read our recent blog post for important information on the different browser/device combinations.

Fixes and enhancements

Our grading annotations have been updated to be more consistent across assessments and to avoid double-deducting for closely related errors. A display bug that appeared in certain situations when teachers converted a score into an assessment has been fixed. Teachers can now set an app preference for new documents to be created in either Portrait or Landscape mode. Numerous other stability bug fixes and GUI enhancements have also been added.