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What Is Harmonia

By Rachel Mann - March 14, 2020

Harmonia is a music theory app linked to a web-based learning management system (LMS).

Harmonia combines musical score notation with a patented* real-time music analysis engine, meaning that it can analyze, assess, and evaluate user responses such as staff notation, or analytical entries such as pitch names or roman numeral labels.

Harmonia automatically grades student work and provides instant, pedagogical feedback.

The LMS provides a platform for content delivery and course configuration: teachers add lessons and exercises accessible by students through the app, set due dates and delivery options, review computer-graded student work, and more. Students complete assignments in the app and log in to the LMS to check their progress, activate Harmonia’s teacher/comment system, and purchase additional study content if desired.

Harmonia is unique among educational music technology software in that students can analyze and label melodies and harmonies and complete composition-based exercises such as pitch, scale, interval, and chord spelling assignments as well as more complex SATB chorale settings of diatonic and chromatic chord progressions, figured-bass realizations, and more.

Students discover instantly whether they understand a concept as Harmonia grades their work, marking and explaining errors such as incorrect chord qualities or inversion symbols, or even part writing errors such as parallel fifths or unresolved sevenths.


*Taube, Heinrich inventor; Illiac Software, Inc., assignee. Automatic tonal analysis of musical scores. U.S. Patent 9,269,339 filed June 2, 2015, and issued February 23, 2016.


Support for Harmonia

Harmonia was developed by Illiac Software, Inc. with support from the National Science Foundation and the University of Illinois. Our company is committed to building the best app possible by learning from our own experiences using Harmonia and by encouraging feedback from users like you.


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